Domestic Violence Attorney: Spotting Signs of An Abuser El Paso, Tx

ID-100105048You are bound to find people who share the same destructive traits that will give them away as potential future abusers. Domestic violence attorneys can attest to this as they have helped many true victims escape the clutches of their abuser.


Domestic abusers come in all different shapes and sizes and backgrounds, don’t fall for a handsome or pretty face but educate yourself to look beyond the surface and into the driving forces behind a person’s behavior. Are they empathetic and considerate of the needs of others? Do they volunteer their time serving others in some way expecting nothing in return?


Abusers are commonly self-focused and absorbed with having their needs met at all times and will not be interested in helping others or even extending much effort towards the person of interest except perhaps in the beginning stages of romantic fervor, which is usually driven by the need to gain the upper-hand of control from the very beginning. A domestic violence attorney will testify to the fact that it takes a careful eye to pay attention to the underhanded signals of a potential abuser. But there is always help for those who are ready to break free after understanding the severity of their situation.


It is important that you not be distracted by the outside appearance. These personas are smoke and mirrors which abusers greatly depend upon in order to reel their victims into a tightly bound relationship that is mentally, emotionally and even physically torturing. Before you get to the point of needing to contact a domestic violence attorney, consider the person you are interested in.


An abuser is quick to seek commitment with you in an unhealthy way. They often will push their needs and wants from the beginning in a disguising way, so that you feel that you are the center of attention.


Abusers will always play the victim to any unhappiness in their lives. Be highly aware of people who cannot take full responsibility for their faults and weaknesses. They are easily offended when you do not agree to their unrealistic expectations for special treatment.

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