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Motorcycle Accidents Can Be Devastating

Many people enjoy the feeling of freedom that riding a motorcycle can provide, as nothing is separating you from the wind and the elements. Hitting the open road with the wind blowing through your hair can be an enjoyable experience. However, it can also potentially be a dangerous one. Accidents that involve motorcycles can cause serious and permanent injuries and disfigurement, and in some cases, these injuries can be fatal. 

Statistics reveal that those who ride motorcycles are more likely to suffer fatal injuries in an accident than those who drive other kinds of motor vehicles. These statistics are unsurprising given that a motorcycle does not offer the protection to its riders that other motor vehicles do for their drivers. Helmets can protect motorcyclists to some extent, but a helmet is not a substitute for airbags or the metal frame of a passenger vehicle.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, from minor bumps and bruises to broken bones and road rash. However, more often than not, motorcycle accidents result in serious and permanently debilitating injuries. Serious accident injuries can cause temporary or permanent paralysis and brain damage, and in some cases, the injuries can be fatal. When a serious motorcycle accident occurs, riders and their families usually end up dealing with a lifetime of expensive and extensive medical treatment.

Determining Fault in an El Paso Motorcycle Accident

Determining who is responsible for a motorcycle accident is not always an easy task. However, in most instances, liability or fault is governed by the theory of negligence. This means that under most circumstances, individuals must exercise reasonable care toward others so that they don’t cause injuries or other damages. But when an individual fails to exercise reasonable care, and they end up causing injuries to another, they can be held negligent or at fault for those injuries.

Drivers are required to use reasonable care so as to avoid injuring others, including other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. But when a driver deviates from or fails to follow this standard of care, and this failure causes and/or contributes to an accident, they can be liable for any injuries or other damages that result from the accident. 

For instance, if a driver runs through a stop sign or red light and they are involved in a crash with you, the driver could be found negligent or at fault for your injuries and any other damages that occurred due to the accident. This means that this at-fault driver would be required to compensate you for any injuries you sustain. Accordingly, if you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident and you think another individual was the cause of the accident, it is important that you contact an experienced El Paso personal injury lawyer as soon after your accident as possible to preserve your rights to compensation.

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