When You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in El Paso


If you are being arraigned on a criminal offense charge, you should have a criminal defense attorney in El Paso working for you. At your arraignment, you will have your charges formally read to you by the criminal court judge.  You will find out exactly what crimes you have been accused of and you will need to make an immediate decision about how to respond. It is at your arraignment where you need to enter a plea. You can plead guilty to the charges, admitting you violated the law. You can also plead not guilty, or not guilty by reason of insanity. A criminal defense attorney in El Paso should help you to make the choice about whether you are going to plead guilty or to fight the charges.

Even if you plan to plead guilty at arraignment, you still should be represented by a criminal defense attorney in El Paso. Your attorneys job will be to help negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor. In many cases, if you are willing to admit your guilt, the prosecutor is going to offer you some kind of deal since the prosecutor does not want to go to trial if he does not have to. You could be offered a sentencing recommendation in which you get a lighter sentence, or you could be allowed to plead guilty to a reduced charge than what you were originally facing. A criminal defense attorney in El Paso will help you try to get the best deal you can.

Your criminal defense attorney in El Paso will also argue for bail in your arraignment. If your bail is set too high or the judge denies bail, you are going to have to stay incarcerated until your trial.

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