Drug Crime on The Border: El Paso’s Criminal Lawyer

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As a criminal lawyer in El Paso, we understand that drug crimes not only affect our defendants lives, but also their family members and society as a whole. Unfortunately, when there is a large history of drug crimes in the area, it is easy for young adolescents to follow in the footsteps of those they have witnessed possessing or distributing drugs. When this cycle occurs, it can be detrimental to their young future since drug charges are a target for prosecutors given these types of charges are easier to get than many other types of crimes.

El Paso has a notorious history of drug related crimes, especially since the zero tolerance policy was given the official title “war on drugs” in the 1980’s. This means that harsher state and federal government rulings of a person convicted of such charges can expect to face serious time in legal custody. Local border patrol agents and other law enforcement personnel have grown increasingly stricter in the past decades with investigations of suspicious drug related activity.

Contrary to the ideology shared among the general American public is the notion that drug charges are minor and perhaps even “victimless” crimes. This idea is not the reality, as we know it in El Paso. Ask anyone off the street if they know someone who has experienced aggressive sentencing charges or other harsh legal consequences due to drug related charges and you’re likely to find many personal stories of families and friends affected by the criminal justice system against drugs.

The truth is, even minor possession charges can result in a criminal record, job loss, driver’s license revocation and difficulty in the future for applications of any kind. This is why drug charges must be fought by a skilled and experienced criminal lawyer in El Paso. A vigorous defense from the start is your best bet in fighting charges and protecting your future.

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