18 Wheeler Accidents and Driving Logs

an 18 wheeler driving fast along a field roadWhen 18 wheeler accidents happen, you want to obtain driving logs. Truckers typically must keep a log of time spent on duty. If a truck driver is on duty for too long, the trucker could get tired. This fatigue could contribute to causing accidents. You need to know if a trucker’s tiredness was the cause of your accident. Aranda Law Firm can assist you in obtaining driving logs and proving a trucker was to blame for a crash in or around El Paso.

Why are Driving Logs Important After 18 Wheeler Accidents

It is generally required for drivers of 18 wheelers to obey Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. This regulations limit drive time on a daily and weekly basis. Drivers have to track both their total hours on duty and the total time they spent driving per day and week. They also have to document required rest breaks. If a trucker does not comply or drives too long, this is a violation of safety regulations. If the safety violation caused a crash to happen, the violation creates a presumption of negligence. Since crash victims normally have to prove negligence to recover compensation after 18 wheeler accidents, a presumption of negligence makes it easier to make a case.

Getting a Trucker’s Driving Log

Aranda Law Firm can provide assistance with pursuing a civil case after a truck accident. During the civil case, a discovery process occurs. This process requires the exchange of evidence.You should be able to get the trucker’s driving log so you can see if they violated any rules. If you find violations related to hours-on-duty or any other evidence of wrongdoing, you can use this information to prove negligence. If the trucker does not turn over the driving log, your attorney can help you to get a subpoena. This way, you can review the log for evidence for your civil claim.a semi truck going fast down a forest road

Getting Legal Help After 18 Wheeler Accidents

A driving log is just one piece of evidence that may be useful after 18 wheeler accidents. You should talk with an attorney about other ways to make your case for compensation following a crash with a truck in or around El Paso. If you’re a victim of an 18 wheeler accident, you deserve legal protection and assistance. That’s what the Aranda Law Firm can supply.  Time is of the essence so we’ll work hard to get you back on your feet. Contact us today so we can being working on your case.