5 Quick DWI Facts You Should Know

drunk driver handing his keys to a police officerIn El Paso, many residents are in need of a DWI attorney after a pull over occurs. Every year, law experts at Aranda Law Firm deal with thousands of DWI cases. Therefore, they have thorough experience in this field of law. It is for this reason that we shall provide you with startling facts about DWIs that you should pay attention to.

The Vehicle Doesnt Have to Be Running

If a person under the influence is in the driver’s seat, they can get a DWI.  Contrary to what you might think, the law states that if the keys are in the ignition, the intent to drive is there. Other times, you could be driving just fine and still be pulled over. If you fail an officer’s sobriety test, then the officer can arrest you on the spot.

An Arrest Can Occur Even If Your BAC is Below Legal Limit

If you take an officer’s breathalyzer test, and hit under .08, the law states you are not drunk. If you ask any DWI attorney, you will realize that the traffic officers can still hand you a DWI charge. An officer can charge you depending on their judgement.

Unconventional Motorists

While driving cars and motorcycles make sense, some El Paso motorists have received a DWI for driving innocuous vehicles. Examples of this are scooters and lawn mowers. If you are under the influence, an arrest may occur for driving any of these vehicles.

According to a DWI Attorney — Time Is the Best Option

Alcohol impairment is dependent on the number of bottles you consume over the drinking period, not the type of alcohol. Despite popular sobering remedies, only time can wear off the effects of alcohol.driver holding a green bottle of alcoholic beverage while in the driver seat of a car

DWI Is Extremely Costly

Contrary to common myths, DWI can be very expensive. You risk losing your license which can force you to take expensive public transport. A DWI case may potentially set you back over $5,000.

If you are in El Paso, it is important to find a DWI attorney soon. Going to court will be a long draw out process that could takes months if not years. Here at Aranda Law Firm, we can help make this procedure as painless as possible. Contact the Aranda Law Firm today,