Had An Accident On Your Bike? You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

a motorcycle and a beautiful sunset in the backgroundGetting in an accident causes a lot of problems. But accidents between cars and ones between a car and motorcycle are very different. There are many specific issues that can arise from these types of accidents. Most attorneys who deal with car accidents do not have the expertise of a motorcycle lawyer. This is because the laws surrounding cars is very different from those around bikes. At the Aranda Law Firm, you will find a qualified motorcycle accident attorney who is ready to help you. Teaming up with a lawyer who has experience with motorcycles will greatly impact your case’s outcome.

Why Do You Need A Motorcycle Accident Attorney?   

If you have been in an accident involving a motorcycle, then you need specific legal assistance. While cars are required to have personal injury insurance protection, motorcycles are not. This can cause a number of issues when an accident occurs. First of all, it can create higher medical bills.  This is because insurance may not cover the injuries received. Even if the person who owns the motorcycle has personal insurance, it can be negated by the lack of vehicle insurance, resulting in higher bills and bigger claims. If you are the person who hit the motorcycle, then you will likely be held liable. Having an attorney who has experience with motorcycles will again be a great help for you. If you were the one who was hit, then you need somebody who will help get you justice. Either way, you want the experience on your side.

Recovering After the Accident

After an accident, a motorcycle accident attorney can help you with recovery. Recovery is a process that goes for both parties. If you are the one who owned the bike, then you likely have a long recovery ahead of you. Not including medical bills, there is also the issue of your motorcycle. Having the right attorney can make this whole process much easier.

The Aranda Law Firm is Here for You

Accidents involving a bike can be deadly. If you manage to walk away from one, then your recovery is just beginning. Besides having to deal with medical expenses and insurance headaches. You want someone who has experience on your side.  Aranda Law Firm has an experienced motorcycle accident attorney available to help you. Remember that there are many different elements to any accident. One with motorbikes is different from one involving only cars. This is why you need an attorney who can help you sort through the chaos.