Arrested for Suspicion of Driving Under the Influence? Call a DWI Attorney ASAP


When police and prosecutors are accusing you of driving under the influence, call a DWI attorney as soon as possible.  There have been many instances where a breathalyzer test and other evidence of impairment have been wrong.  There have also been instances where police have acted inappropriately in stopping people’s cars. If you are being charged with a DWI and you believe the charges are bogus, a DWI attorney is going to help you to fight the accusations against you that could ruin your future. When this happens, you want the Aranda Law Firm on your side.

Think of Your Future- Hire a DWI Attorney

A DWI must be taken seriously, whether you believe the police and prosecutor have evidence or the case has merit or whether you believe the charges are inappropriate.  You could lose your license and could be left with a criminal conviction on your record if you are convicted.  A DWI attorney is going to help you to explore defenses that you may have and ways to try to get the charges dropped so you do not end up with a drunk driving conviction hanging over your head.

A Defense You Can Trust

At Aranda Law Firm, you will be represented by a DWI attorney who knows the science behind how drunk driving cases work. We can help you to find experts who can challenge the accuracy of a breath test, or even a blood test or urine test. We can raise doubts about whether the test may have been contaminated or about whether the police properly handled the evidence.  All you have to do is make it so a prosecutor can’t prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt and you should be able to avoid a guilty verdict.
To learn more about how a DWI attorney in El Paso can help you to challenge charges, contact the Aranda Law Firm today.