How Can a Probation Violation Attorney Help?

Probation word on red tape wrapped around a man to illustrate restricted or limited movement, freedom or accessIf you have violated your probation in any way the road ahead of you may look hopeless. However, there are actions you can take to make the situation better. Enlisting the help of a probation violation attorney can help you get back on track. The burden of proof is usually lower in a court hearing for a violation as compared to a criminal case. A variety of factors are in place that determine the consequences as well. A probation violation hearing is definitely not something you want to take on alone.

What is a Probation Violation?

When you are under probation you are given a specific set of court ordered rules to follow. This can include a number of terms such as staying within your state, avoiding drugs and alcohols, and staying away from firearms. Some violations might include not appearing for a scheduled court appearance, not reporting to your probation officer, not paying restitution, or committing further crimes. These terms will depend on the severity of your case as well as whether or not it is your first offense. Regardless, the court will ensure you fully understand the terms of your probation.

How Will a Probation Violation Attorney Help?

Probation officers have a wide range of discretion when it comes whether they issue a warning or require you to appear in court for violations. Their actions can depend on a wide range of factors. The severity of your actions, your past record, and even their own past parolees can all be factors. If you are in fact ordered to appear at court the probation officer is most likely requesting a penalty or more jail time. Enlisting the help of a probation violation can help when it comes time to face the judge. An attorney will help you with the burden of proof. They have the expertise to represent your case in court and appeal on behalf of your actions. They have the expert knowledge of your legal rights and the ability to minimize possible penalties and consequences.

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If you have violated the terms of your probation the last thing you want to do is appear in court alone. There are too many variances and factors that can lead to adverse consequences. With a probation violation attorney by your side you can receive strong representation to get the outcome you are looking for. Be sure to contact our law firm today to get the help you need.