How a Car Accident Attorney Helps Prepare a Case

a car that's suffered a car accident being towed by a tow truckIf you are trying to pursue a claim for compensation after a collision, you need a car accident attorney to help you. Claims could find resolutions in court, or outside of court if a settlement negotiation process is successful and victims are offered fair compensation from an insurer. Whether a claim is resolved through settlement or suit, a car accident attorney will help victims make the strongest case possible. This way, you can pursue recovery of the maximum possible damage award. The Aranda Law Firm can help.

Preparing a Case with Help from a Car Accident Attorney

A car accident attorney will provide assistance in preparing evidence to show fault in the crash and to show the extent of damages. Both of these things can make a big impact in how much compensation you are able to recover. If you have a lot of solid evidence showing who is at fault, it becomes easier to convince an insurance company to pay. Likewise if your case does end up in civil court. Having a lot of evidence makes it more likely you will be compensated fairly for your losses.  You also want to be able to show just how badly you were harmed. As this can make a difference in what an insurer is willing to offer you or what a jury is willing to award you.  

How Does a Car Accident Attorney Help Gather Evidence?

A car accident attorney offers assistance in getting the kinds of evidence you need to show both fault and damages. Aranda Law Firm has contacts with strong expert witnesses, including accident reconstruction specialists and medical experts. We help you find people who can testify about who was at fault. We will help find people who can explain how the accident happened. In addition, we can pinpoint how bad your losses are. We can also assist in obtaining police reports from the crash, phone records, trucker duty logs, or other relevant documents that could help make your case. This way, you can arm yourself with the most evidence possible. As previously stated, having as much evidence as possible is the best way to achieve success.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

Aranda Law Firm knows the ins-and-outs of auto accident cases. So, if you are ready to seek compensation, our legal team can make it happen. Give us a call after your accident in El Paso. We can talk with a car accident attorney who can represent you. Don’t let a car crash result in less compensation than you deserve. Contact Amanda Law Firm today.