What are the Most Common Cars Involved in Accidents?

two cars in the early spring morning that were in an accidentA car accident attorney can provide help to any victims of automobile accidents. This can include personal injury or wrongful death claims. The key to these cases is determining who is at fault for causing the accident. Typically, car issues (faulty brakes, blind spots) are blamed for accidents.  In these cases, the types of cars involved are examined. The type of cars involved can be a big factor, especially if the driver at fault couldn’t control the vehicle or was unfamiliar with how to drive it. 

The Myth of Dangerous SUVs

Traditionally, SUVs were some of the most dangerous kinds of cars. This was due to their tendency to roll over during accidents, potentially causing further injuries.   Due to their top heavy design, SUVs and similar vehicles had a higher risk for rollover accidents.  However, SUVs are now safer due to new regulations that are designed to prevent fewer people from being seriously hurt or killed in rollover accidents.

Car Accidents are Caused by Driversgavel and pommel made of dark wood against a black background

Collectively, safety statistics and research have diminished one specific care type from causing accidents. However, drivers are ultimately to blame for car accidents, saving special circumstances. When we get on the road, we are taking on an inherent responsibility to keep ourselves and other drivers safe. Despite this, the most common cause of car accidents is human error. Unfortunately, no matter the reason for the car accident, injuries are always a potential result.

Getting Help from a Car Accident Attorney

No matter what kind of car or truck hit your vehicle in El Paso, the Aranda Law Firm can help you. We assist you in evaluating the crash cause and pursuing a claim for full compensation if you can prove the other driver was at fault. If the driver failed to address a manufacturer’s recall or issue, the make and model of the car become relevant. The Aranda Law Firm can offer assistance and advice to all victims in determining who to pursue a case against and in making the strongest claim possible. Contact us today for help.