5 Common Offenses that Require a Criminal Defense Attorney

criminal defense attorney pushing a transparent mock up spelling out criminal lawA criminal defense attorney helps with any kind of offense that results in your arrest. However, there are some crimes which are much more common than others. Finding the right legal representation is extremely important. It is imperative that your criminal defense lawyer you hire has experience representing people accused of a similar violation. The Aranda Law Firm has helped many clients in El Paso and surrounding areas. We have the experience to help you plan an effective defense in order to keep you on the right side of the law.

Offenses That Require a Criminal Defense Attorney

Most people do not plan to commit a criminal offense. Five of the most common crimes that call for arrests in El Paso and surrounding areas include:

  • drunk driving
  • shoplifting
  • drug possession
  • assault
  • underage drinking.

Both adults and juveniles are arrested for these violations of the law. In most cases, the offenses are state-level offenses. However, some drug crimes can be very serious and can be classified as picture of criminal law books in front of a judge's gavelfederal crimes. This often depends upon the amount of the drugs in your possession. While these five common offenses are usually misdemeanor crimes, they can also rise to the level of felonies if you have repeated convictions or if there were aggravating factors. These include things such as a deadly weapon used in the assault, which can make a simple assault a more serious charge.

Getting Help from a Criminal Defense Attorney

The Aranda Law Firm has a long track record of representing clients accused of these five common offenses. We also provide legal assistance to clients in El Paso accused of a wide range of other criminal acts, ranging from minor offenses to serious federal and state crimes, including murder. We also provide legal representation for family law and personal injury cases. Contact us as soon as you have been arrested to find out how a criminal defense attorney can assist you in fighting charges.