The Importance of Confidentiality with a Criminal Defense Attorney

A young woman has been arrested and handcuffed behind her back.When you are represented by a criminal defense attorney, it is their duty to keep your information private and confidential. You do not want anyone to know about the information that you share with your attorney. Fortunately, there are rules of confidentiality which ensure anything you tell your lawyer must remain private. The Aranda Law Firm an experienced criminal defense firm, which is why many clients throughout El Paso choose us. When you turn to us for help with your case, we maintain your confidence. Trust is essential between attorney and client in order to provide you with the best defense possible. 

Can an Attorney Share My Information?

It is essential for defendants be able to be 100 percent honest with their criminal defense attorney. In Texas,  rule 5.03 of the Texas Rules of Criminal Evidence actively protects privileged information between client and attorney.  This way, an defendant can be completely honest about thgavel on a white table with books in the backrounde events involving their case. The Bar Association rules and legal ethics impose a strong and inviolable duty of confidentiality on the attorney/client relationship. Attorneys cannot voluntarily disclose or talk about any information given to them by a client. Also, no one can compel a criminal defense attorney to testify against a client in court. There are exceptions to this rule. However, these exceptions aren’t many and the disclosure has to be very specific. For example, when a client makes an imminent threat of serious harm to someone, or similar situations.

Getting Help from a Criminal Defense Attorney

The Aranda Law Firm takes its obligations very seriously when it comes to confidentiality of client information. Criminal charges are a serious thing and you need to communicate openly with the person responsible for your defense. You want an attorney you can trust to keep your information private and to present a vigorous defense. Contact the Aranda Law Firm immediately if you have been accused of a crime. The sooner you call, the sooner we can start working towards your best outcome.