The Top Consequences for Federal Drug Charges

policeman arresting a man Federal drug charges in El Paso come with dire consequences if not handled properly. When it comes to federal drug charges, the central government has mandatory minimum penalties. That means you can get a long time in prison for even a minor infraction. In the course of our longstanding experience with the federal law, the Aranda Law Firm has helped many clients facing these charges in El Paso. Here is what you can expect from a federal drug charge.

Jail Time and Denial of Federal Benefits

Federal drug charges in the U.S carry minimum prison sentences that range from 5 years to life. If you face these charges in El Paso, you might spend a long time in prison. Drugs charges, much akin to any federal charge, may bring about a loss of federal benefits. This includes but is not limited to contracts, grants, school loans, licenses, and so forth. If you were charged with trafficking, the prohibition of these federal benefits can last up to 5 years for your first federal conviction. The prohibition increases drastically with every conviction after the first one.

Asset Freeze and Hefty Penalties Ariseman behind bars in jail making an ugly face

Anyone convicted of federal drug trafficking or possession risks having their assets frozen. If the convict has spent over a year in jail, they have to surrender all of the property related to the violation. Meaning that the convicted felon will forfeit any houses, cars, and a related to the federal drug charges. Even if you haven’t received a federal drug charge, you may be forced to pay a lot of money, in the form of civil penalties. Some federal charges may also attract up to $10,000 of fines, not including attorney fees. Remember these sanctions are levied at a person whether a criminal prosecution proceeds or not.

Federal Drug Charges Help

Since federal drug charges in El Paso are serious matters, it’s important to get help soon. Not treating the case carefully could make the situation significantly worse. Here at Aranda Law Firm we have the experience to ensure what is best for the felon and their family. Give us a call to find out how we would handle a federal drug charge.