Divorce Lawyer In El Paso TX: Smoothing Your Annulment Process


If you recently got married but are having doubts, a divorce lawyer in El Paso, TX, is someone you need to talk to.  You and your new wife have not been together very long, but the circumstances in which you got married might not have been the best. If you are wondering if you can end the marriage quickly and easily, a divorce lawyer can tell you exactly what your options are.

A Divorce Lawyer Can Look Into an Annulment
If you and your wife have not been married very long, one way to end your marriage might be through an annulment.  A divorce lawyer in El Paso, TX, is going to know that being married under certain circumstances can mean; it could be that the marriage may not even be valid.  Some examples of what makes a marriage qualify for an annulment include things like marrying a member of the family, being married while intoxicated, or if one or both of you were forced into the marriage.

A Divorce Lawyer Can Make the Divorce Easier
When you decide to seek out a lawyer in El Paso, it means both you are going through a lot. You may not be sure how your wife is going to take the news, but hiring an attorney is going to make it easier. The lawyer will  be an intermediary between your wife and you, and help keep the peace between you so things can go as smoothly as possible. Both of you will want to move on with your lives and a divorce lawyer is going to make that possible.

Aranda Law Firm understands that your new marriage was a mistake, but it should not be one that ruins your life. We can help you end your marriage and make it as easy as possible for you both. If you are interested in our divorce lawyer services, please don’t hesitate to call us at (915) 996-9914, or you can come to our office located at 2507 N. Stanton.