How Does a DUI Affect My Record?

a man drinking beer and driving If you are facing DUI charges in El Paso, it is paramount that you have a drunk driving accident attorney on your side. Most people are aware of only a few of the immediate consequences of a DWI conviction. For example jail time, probation, AA, a suspended drivers license, and installation of an alcohol home monitoring unit. Here at Aranda Law Firm, we can tell you that the consequences for an individual with a DUI can be insurmountable.

Problem Keeping a Driving Job

Lets face it; if your job revolves around driving, you might be in deep trouble if your record is tarnished with a DUI charge. In essence, most employees would like to know that their fleet and their image out there remain intact. As a result, a driver without a clean driving record may contravene that mission.

Difficulty Getting Into College

What most people are ignorant about is that a DUI conviction may become a hurdle to your academic ambition. Some college admission boards go far and beyond to ensure that only the best of students are accepted into their schools. Any simple background check can yield your DUI to a prospective university.

Hefty Insurance Premiums

More often than not, getting a DUI will result in the suspension of your drivers license. After your suspension period comes to a close, you will have to show proof that you have valid auto insurance in order to reinstate your license. While this is possible, it will be more difficult. An  insurance company will likely raise the monthly premium after a DUI.

Record May Affect Your Personal Life Tooa cop car pulling over a black pick up truck

If you have a DUI charge, your own family may lose faith in your decision making ability.  You will have to take the time to rebuild their trust, not just on the road, but in all aspects of life.  In some extreme cases, long lasting marriages have ended with a divorce because of DUIs.

Get Help from A Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

A DUI in El Paso is hard enough without a drunk driving accident attorney to help. If you have been recently charged, the next few months will be an uphill battle. At the Aranda Law Firm, we want to help ease the difficulties of this process. Contact the Aranda Law Firm today.