How A DWI Attorney Can Help After Multiple Charges

a glass with alcohol a pair of handcuffs and car keys on a tabletopHave you been charged with a second drunk driving offense? If you already have a past conviction, you need to talk with a DWI attorney. For anyone in El Paso with DWI charges, the lawyers at the Aranda Law Firm can help.

What Happens After Multiple DWI Charges?

DWI is a very serious criminal charge. The penalties can become progressively worse if you already have a past conviction or if you’ve been arrested again. Those convicted of a second offense can receive a longer jail term. But that is just the start of the possible consequences that could occur. You could also find yourself with a lengthy suspension of your license. A required ignition interlock device can be installed in your vehicle at your expense. And, more commonly, your insurance costs will rise. Large fines are also possible, so the DWI can have devastating financial consequences.

Call On the Help of a DWI Attorney

Being arrested for a second drunk driving incident does not always have to lead to you being found guilty of the offense. A DWI attorney in El Paso will explore the different possible options that you have for responding to the charges that you are facing.

You could, for example, fight to have evidence suppressed and have charges dropped due to insufficient evidence. This could be a possible outcome if you were stopped illegally or if there was not probable cause for a law enforcement officer to check your blood alcohol concentration.a row of empty beer bottles with a cop car and a pedestrian car inside

How To Respond to the Charges

There are also other possible options for responding to charges, including trying to negotiate a reduced sentence through a plea deal or fighting conviction in court.

With this in mind, a DWI attorney in El Paso is going to help you to come up with a strategic and informed plan for fighting charges and trying to avoid the serious penalties of a second conviction.  When you need an experienced DWI attorney in El Paso, contact the Aranda Law Firm for help.