DWI Attorney in El Paso


Drink and drive

If you have a past history of drunk driving convictions and you are arrested again, you need to contact a DWI attorney in El Paso.
Drunk driving is always a serious criminal offense that could potentially result in you being sent to jail. When you have past offenses related to alcohol, drugs or driving under the influence, then your situation is generally much more precarious. Drunk driving penalties and charges become progressively worse.

A person with a second conviction will face harsher penalties than a person with a third conviction, and so on. There is greater potential for jail time for repeat offenders and there is a longer license suspension. You are also going to have to get an ignition interlock device installed in many cases if you are a repeat drunk driving offender. A DWI attorney in El Paso will help you to respond to charges and explore options for trying to reduce the consequences of conviction.

In some cases, a DWI attorney in El Paso will be able to help you negotiate a plea bargain so you don’t face the serious consequences associated with repeated drunk driving convictions. In other situations, defending yourself against the charges is the best option. A DWI attorney in El Paso can review all of the facts surrounding your arrest.
If evidence was collected illegally in violation of your Fourth Amendment rights or if there were problems with the way that police administered a BAC test, then you can often prevent this evidence from being used against you. Sometimes, your DWI attorney in El Paso will be able to petition the court to suppress evidence and will then be able to petition to get the charges dropped.

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