DWI Attorney in El Paso | Making Informed and Strategic Choices



When you have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a DWI attorney in El Paso can provide assistance in responding to the serious criminal charges that you are facing.
A conviction for DWI can mean the loss of your driver’s license, among other penalties. The specific consequences that you face are going to vary based on factors including your blood alcohol concentration as well as whether you have ever been found guilty of driving drunk in your past.

A prosecutor has the legal burden of proving that you were impaired in order for you to be convicted of driving under the influence. The prosecutor has to show your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If your BAC was .08 or higher, this creates a presumption that you were actually impaired in violation of the law when driving your car. However, you can sometimes avoid conviction even in situations with a BAC over the limit because there are sometimes problems with chemical tests.  You can also be charged even if your BAC is not at .08 or above if you have drugs in your system or if there is other credible evidence that you were too intoxicated to be behind the wheel at the time.

The job of a DWI attorney in El Paso is to try to help you avoid being convicted, or to try to help you negotiate a plea deal so that your penalties are minimal.  The right approach to responding to these serious criminal charges will be determined based on the specifics of your individual case.  Call a DWI attorney in El Paso as soon as you can when you have been arrested so that you will be able to make informed and strategic choices when responding to charges.  Aranda Law Firm is here to help. 2507 N. Stanton. El Paso, TX 79902. Phone: 915-996-9914