What Exactly does Expunction of Records Mean?

Glasses and pen on top of a criminal background check applicationThe expunction of records, also known as expungement of records, is the process of removing arrests and/or criminal convictions.  This is a process that requires the assistance of an attorney, because it involved filing legal motions. Notably, this process uses the “Motion of Expungement” motion. However complicated the process seems, this process is worth exploring for a variety of reasons. Remember, a criminal and arrest record will follow you where ever you go. Researching if you’re eligible and talking to an attorney about the process reveals many good reasons to pursue this option. With this in mind, here are a few facts about expunging your records. 

Eligibility for Expunction of Records

A lot goes into the expunction of records. Someone cannot simply make such a request without, at the very least, legal advice. The expunction of records is a process. The first step is to find out if you’re eligible or not. There isn’t just one rule of thumb for eligibility, which is why legal counsel is strongly needed. An attorney can help to determine your eligibility based on the charge or type of conviction, and the person. For this reason, the process is handled on a case by case basis. However, keep in mind that most eligible cases are minor offenses, including failure to report to school, arrests and convictions that were later overturned, and similar cases. 

Expunction of Records can Make Life Easiersepia toned picture/graphic with Polaroid picture that is black next to fingerprint records

If you’ve ever applied for a job, or applied to live somewhere, to volunteer, etc., then chances are you have been asked to pass a background check. Companies, apartment complexes, schools and other institutions do this in order to protect their organizations. While requiring a background check is an effective way to protect an organization, it can also be extremely inconvenient for a person who has previously convicted a crime. The expunction of records removes your arrest/crime records, which means they will not come up on background checks. 

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