Family Violence Lawyer in El Paso: The Help you Need

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Your marriage has taken a turn for the worst, and you need a family violence lawyer in El Paso because your husband put his hands on you. You were advised to hire an attorney because you are going to need help.  You have rights and your husband should be taken to court for what he has done.

A Family Violence Lawyer Understands the Situation
You’re feeling vulnerable over the whole situation because the last thing you ever imagined was the love of your life doing something like this to you. You’re scared, and you are going to need help of a family violence lawyer in El Paso that is going to be understanding and sympathetic to what you’re going through. Your family violence lawyer is an outside party that can help you, give you the best advice, and has no emotional investment in the situation, which is important because sometimes emotion can get in the way of doing what is right.

A Family Violence Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights
Sometimes in family violence cases, the victim can be put on trial. The job of your family violence attorney in El Paso is to to protect your rights and make sure the matter is settled and that justice is served on your behalf.

We at Aranda Law Firm know your decision to bring a case against your husband is one of the hardest decisions of your life, but we are here for you every step of the way. We will see to it that you get the justice you deserve.  If you need a family violence attorney in El Paso, please call us at (915) 996-9914 or come by our office located at 2507 N. Stanton