How to Handle Probation Violations Correctly

a probation attorney from Aranda Law Firm can help you avoid these handcuffsAny probation violation attorney will tell you that probation violations are a huge risk to your conditional release. To clarify, probation a punishment used for convicted crimes that allows you to avoid or minimize jail time. As a result, these parameters are usually a condition for release and violating them carry serious consequences. In spite of this, violations to probation still occur on a regular basis. The right choice for people accused of violating their probation is to hire reliable an experienced legal representation. Aranda Law Firm can help you to decide on the best course of action in El Paso and the surrounding areas.

How to Handle a Claim You Violated Probation

The first thing to do when you are accused of a violation probation is to speak to an attorney.  They can review the violation claims, including the any evidence presented against you. At the Aranda Law Firm, our probation violation attorney will sit down and go over all the details with you. This way, we can advise you how best to respond and what arguments to make during a probation violation hearing.  Our law firm can represent you at your probation violation hearing. Ultimately, the goal is to avoid any consequences, or minimizing the consequences of an alleged probation violation.probation violation attorney helping out a client

The Right to Appeal Your Violation

The first thing to remember is that you have a right to address your probation violation in front of a judge. A hearing will be called when the probation violation cannot be settled or is of a more serious nature. Your attorney will prepare whatever defense you have agreed is best for your situation in the event of a hearing. In these cases, there are three common options to consider for defense.  One of your options is to try to show no violation occurred at all.  Another option is to try to argue that there is insufficient proof of the violation; specifically, by demonstrating that there is reasonable doubt.  Finally, a third option is to argue intent; essentially admitting the violation occurred, but showing extenuating circumstances.

Get Help from a Probation Violation Attorney

It is important to remember that any violation can be grounds to revoke your probation. Depending on your offense, the consequences can result in fines, added time to your probation, or even jail time. Speak with a probation violation attorney and begin building your defense to the accusations. Contact Aranda Law Firm today to handle probation violations.