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If you tripped while you were in a nightclub because of loose cables along the club floor, call a personal injury lawyer in El Paso. Nightclubs, like all buildings that invite paying customers in, have certain obligations to help customers stay safe.  A nightclub must identify any hazards, and must provide warning to patrons or must correct the risky conditions. If there was a risk the club knew about or should have been aware of and no steps were made to prevent injuries because of the hazard, the nightclub can be held legally liable for any resulting injuries.

A personal injury lawyer in El Paso can help you to determine if the nightclub may have been negligent or unreasonably careless in inspecting the premises and providing warning or correcting hazards. if there were cables along the floor that the club put there, this could likely be seen as an example of negligence if the cables created the risk of a fall.  A personal injury lawyer in El Paso will help you to prove you slipped as a result of the cables.

There may also be others besides the nightclub who can be held responsible for the cables that caused you to trip.  For example, if there was a band playing that night and the band strung the cables along the floor in a hazardous or careless way, it may be possible to pursue a claim against the band.

A personal injury lawyer in El Paso can provide you with help deciding who should be liable for compensating you and can then help you to fight for the money you deserve.  Call today to schedule a consultation with Aranda Law Firm to learn more.

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