Homeowner’s Insurance and Dog Bites—What You Should Know

 Miniature Pinscher with a fierce growling face

Dog bites can be painful in more than one sense of the word, as any dog bit attorney can tell you. Often times, the aftermath of a dog bite in El Paso, or anywhere, is a legal mess. Make sure that if you own a dog, you know the extent of  your insurance protection in a dog bite situation. If you don’t know whether you’re covered or not, consider these tips and consult with a dog bite attorney.

A Dog Bite Attorney and Insurance for Dog Bites

Most homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will cover the liability expenses, up to a certain amount, of a dog bite. Dog bites are morBeware of dog sign in black and yellow that can prevent the need for a dog bite attorneye common than most people realize, which is why most insurance policies cover them. However, you should still consult a dog bite attorney. If you are the liable party in the situation, legal counsel is the best way to ensure your protection, as well as your dog’s. A dog bite attorney can help you to determine what exactly your insurance policy covers and if any additional steps may need to be taken. 

A Dog Bite Attorney and Lack of Insurance

If you find that your insurance policy does not cover dog bites, then it’s definitely time to consult with a dog bite attorney. Most people don’t think about the repercussions of something that they don’t physically do themselves. It is important, however, to recognize that people are responsible for their pets, as pets cannot be responsible for themselves. Don’t let a dog bite situation get even more complicated without first speaking to a professional. An attorney who knows the law when it comes to dog bites is the best option. 

If you find yourself in a dog bite situation, consider meeting with a dog bite attorney. Here at Aranda Law Firm in El Paso, we’d be happy to discuss your situation. Contact us today!