How Long Can a Personal Injury Case Take?

personal injury claim form surrounded by a calculator, glasses, and a pen that a personal injury attorney might useA personal injury attorney in El Paso can help you to seek financial compensation in case of an accident. However, you must prove that negligence by another person was the cause.  Both individuals and companies can be held liable for any injuries you sustain.  The Aranda Law Firm has helped many victims of personal injuries fight for justice and compensation. When you are hurting and have money worries, you want to get your case resolved as quickly as possible. As a result, the most common question victims ask when pursuing a case after an injury is how long it will take.

The Amount of Time a Personal Injury Case Takes is Unpredictable

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine how long a personal injury case can take. Since there are many factors involving personal injury cases, time to settle varies greatly between cases. Sometimes, the insurer for the at-fault individual or company who hurt you accepts fault. As a result, they can make a financial settlement offer.  In the event it is a reasonable offer,  your case could be over within days or weeks. Unfortunately, this rarely word cloud involving situations that may require a personal injury attorneyhappens. Insurers may pressure El Paso accident victims to try to settle quickly, but make low offers which you don’t want to accept. If you can’t agree on a settlement and your case goes to trial, it could take several weeks or several months to resolve it. If you win and the defendant appeals, the process will take even longer.

A Personal Injury Attorney in El Paso Will Help Your Case Move Forward

Aranda Law Firm will do everything possible to help move your case forward as quickly as possible. An experienced personal injury attorney has negotiation skills increase the chances of a quick and fair settlement. An attorney can also help bring a civil suit in a timely manner. To learn more, contact the Aranda Law Firm today.