Ways a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You Get Compensation

picture of a motorcycle accident with a red motorcycleA motorcycle accident attorney helps after a motorcycle collision that causes injury or death in El Paso. The losses can be substantial from a motorcycle crash. If there was a third party who was wholly or partly responsible, Aranda Law Firm provides assistance in pursuing compensation. This is usually a claim against another driver. However, it can also be against a motorcycle manufacturer or other third party whose negligence contributed to the motorcycle accident.

Methods of Seeking Compensation

Compensation for victims of a motorcycle collision can come in two ways. A motorcycle accident attorney can help victims with both approaches. Victims of El Paso motorcycle accidents could negotiate a settlement with the insurer of the policyholder who caused the accident. The benefits of this option include a more timely resolution and the certainty of recovering at least some accident damages. The other method of obtaining compensation is a personal injury lawsuit. The benefits of this involve getting your day in court and potentially being awarded larger damages. However, the process takes longer and there is a risk that you’ll end up without any compensation.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Helpsaccident report application that your motorcycle accident attorney will use for your case

Aranda Law Firm assists victims of motorcycle accidents in El Paso with both court litigation and negotiated settlements. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can deal with the insurer for you to try to negotiate your settlement. Your attorney knows what your case should be worth and can play hardball with the insurer to get the money needed. A motorcycle attorney also knows how to present evidence and make a good case to a jury in a civil suit.

Getting Help from a Motorcycle Attorney

Regardless of the approach you take to seek motorcycle accident compensation after an El Paso crash, you need a motorcycle accident attorney with compassion and experience. Aranda Law Firm is here to help. Contact us today to talk with a member of our legal team to learn about the assistance we can offer you.