Need a Family Violence Attorney in El Paso?



When accusations of domestic violence are made, you need a family violence attorney in El Paso.

Domestic violence laws impose strict penalties for suspected domestic abuse. A victim is entitled to receive a restraining order or protective order with credible proof of abuse. Often, the victim can obtain an emergency restraining order right away without a hearing and without the alleged abuser getting a chance to object. before a long term or permanent protective order is issued, however, the person accused of abuse has the opportunity to argue against the accusations.  A family violence attorney in El Paso can provide representation on issues related to protective orders or restraining orders.

Domestic violence can affect child custody and other issues during a divorce. While typically one spouse cannot make the other move out when a divorce is pending, there is an exception in most domestic violence cases and a protective order can prevent an alleged abuser from staying in a family home.  An accusation of domestic violence can also be factored in during a decision on who should have custody of a child.  A family violence attorney in El Paso can provide representation on family law issues related to domestic abuse.

Because domestic violence is a crime, an accusation of abuse can result in an arrest and can lead to the abuser going to jail if convicted of the domestic violence crime.  A prosecutor can move forward with a domestic violence prosecution regardless of the cooperation of the alleged victim. A family violence attorney such as Marco Aranda can provide representation and advice in situations where there is the potential for criminal charges or when an arrest has been made related to domestic violence.

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