Now Is The Best Time To Speak With a DWI Attorney

Car keys, beer bottle and a present of handcuffs.Johnny G. wasn’t thinking too clearly when he decided to get behind the wheel of his great uncle’s motorized recliner. You see, Johnny had had more than a few bottles of alcohol whilst celebrating Thanksgiving with his extended family. Since everyone else at the family reunion was over 50, Johnny decided to drown his sorrows (and boredom) in the cheap beer and alcohol his family had supplied. After the first few drinks, he began to feel more comfortable around his elderly family members. This comfort led to some poor decisions which ended with Johnny requiring the assistance of a DWI attorney.

Strange Situations That Can Lead to DWI Charges

Uncle Lester was known for being lazy. So much so that he had a motorized recliner build specifically for him. Since the Thanksgiving dinner was taking place at Lester’s house, Johnny’s drunk mind began to cook up a daft idea. “Take the recliner, I will,” he said, “Yes, on a trek I will take this recliner.” So Johnny snuck away and found the recliner in the converted garage. This was perfectly orchestrated. Although the garage had been converted into a living room, the garage door remained intact.

Johnny opened the garage door, sat in the motorized recliner and—opening a can of beer—pushed the pedal to the metal. Johnny was surprised at the speed and gusto with which the recliner propelled him into the darkened street. To his surprise, the recliner had a cup holder in which he placed his already-half-drunk beer can. The repurposed lawnmower engine whined and revved as Johnny accelerated in a straight line. For a few seconds, Johnny was ecstatic. This was exactly what he had hoped for. That is until he crashed headfirst into a minivan that was parked across the street.

The collision was so loud that the owner of the minivan came outside to see what was going on. Marissa, proud owner of the minivan, couldn’t believe what she’d seen. A man around the age of 25 was writhing in pain on the hood of her minivan, a full-size recliner was smoking to his left. This odd sight stopped Marissa in her tracks. She didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, Jake, Marissa’s husband, came outside and called the cops. Once everything was said and done, Johnny was charged with Driving While Intoxicated.

It’s Time To Speak to a DWI Attorney

Although this sounds like a made-up story, something very similar actually happened! A DWI charge can result in many negative outcomes. If you’re in the El Paso area and you require legal assistance from a DWI attorney, the Aranda Law Firm can help. Contact us today.