How Does a Personal Injury Attorney Help With Negligent Security Claims?

Personal injury claim form on desk with a calculator, glasses, and pen on top. A personal injury attorney provides help to those hurt by negligent security. Being hurt as a result of violence or criminal acts due to the lack of appropriate security is a horrible thing. Additionally, it gives credence to having a good claim for a negligent security case. These types of cases are complex and need the help of a lawyer with experience. The Aranda Law Firm provides the necessary assistance to victims in El Paso to make a strong damage claim.

What is a Negligent Security Case?

Property owners have basic obligations to keep their property maintained in a way that is safe for visitors. This is especially true if they invite customers onto the property for economic benefit. A part of this responsibility means doing things like making sure stairs have adequate railings. It is also important, however, for property owners to take reasonable steps to prevent crime. When they fall short of doing so, this results in personal injury claims arising out of negligent security. For example, if a someone robs a customer in a dark parking lot that doesn’t provide adequate lighting or security, the victim can sue. This is an excellent example of a case of negligent security.

Negligent Security and Personal InjuryGavel on top of a book with a white background.

A personal injury attorney can assist you in determining if you have grounds for a negligent security claim. Whether you can pursue a case is going to depend upon whether the property owner fell short of his obligations. These obligations can vary depending upon the specific circumstances. For example, in a higher crime area where there have been prior robberies, the property owner has reason to know of risks to customers. So, they have a stronger obligation to provide security and protection. Your attorney can review details of your situation so you can make smart choices regarding making a claim against a property owner.

Getting Help from a Personal Injury Attorney

The Aranda Law Firm has experience with negligent security claims and with all other types of premises liability claims. In addition, we also provide legal representation for other personal injury cases. If you have been hurt on someone’s property, we can help. Contact us today to find out more.