Predicted Changes to Come to Personal Injury Law in 2022

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Accidents have been on the rise, slowly increasing as we make our way through 2022. Although the year has just begun, lawyers are taking initiative to help clients learn more about what to expect in the legal area of personal injury. In this blog, we discuss some trends to be aware of and some changes that are to come to personal injury law for 2022. 

Insurers Will Want to Meet in Person 

Virtual meetings have proven to be fast, efficient, convenient, and safe for all parties involved in a personal injury claim. Since the start of 2022, however, insurers have insisted on conducting as many meetings in person as possible. Defense lawyers are requesting in-person discoveries more than ever before. Video conferences have also proven to accomplish the same goal as in-person meetings, but depending on the goals of a defense lawyer, in-person meetings may be more beneficial. 

A Predicted Rise in Personal Injury Cases, Overall

Personal injury cases have risen dramatically in the past couple of years. This may be induced by the stay-at-home orders that were implemented at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. People have been cooped up for so long that it’s easy to forget safety and etiquette when sharing public spaces or when we’re on the road. 

Roads, sidewalks, shopping malls, parking lots, grocery stores have become what people deem dangerous because people do not want their personal space to be infringed upon. This conflict, according to professionals in law, is bound to lead to more personal injury claims. 

Fewer Car Accidents 

For 2022 thus far, it is predicted that we’ll see more personal injury cases overall, but many of those will not be car accidents. Several people are still working from home and, in fact, with the recent spike in cases, employers who began working in person again are considering sending their employees back home until this wave in cases passes by. With fewer people going into the office, there won’t be as many work-related commutes and car accidents to report for the year. 

More Delays in Cases 

If you have recently filed a personal injury claim, you may be one of many to experience a delay in your court date. Before COVID-19 became a global issue, there was already a backlog of cases in the civil justice system. With the hold on in-person meetings, the pandemic only added to already delayed cases, which means longer delays and wait times are here to stay for a while. It could take a matter of months (sometimes, years) to have your case heard. 

What We Know for Sure 

The predictions of personal injury law for 2022 are based on how cases have been held and handled over the past couple of years. While there is much we can expect, there are some things that we know for sure will change in personal injury law for this year. Some changes that have been made public touch on reviewed legislation in commercial vehicle accidents and the rise in mental health claims. From what we know so far, we discuss these changes that will be made in personal injury law for 2022.  

Reviewed Legislation in Commercial Car Accidents 

One of the laws in the state of Texas that will undergo changes is the legislation surrounding car accident liability. House Bill 19 is working on changes to liability in car accidents involving commercial vehicles. Uber and Lyft drivers are categorized as commercial vehicle operators, in addition to delivery truck drivers. 

The bill is changing who is found liable in a crash involving a commercial vehicle when another person is killed or injured. Before this change, the parent company would automatically be held responsible because the driver was under their employment. Now, this bill makes the driver liable first and the company cannot have a case brought against them if and when the driver has been found liable in court. 

Increased Claims for Mental Health-Related Damages 

In some personal injury cases, individuals suffer mental health issues. These damages are being compounded during the pandemic. Injured victims have the right to seek compensation for any pain or suffering caused by mental and emotional damages. 

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