A Probation Violation Attorney Can Assist in Avoiding Penalties

Gavel and handcuffs on a dark tableIf you are facing an accusation of violating your probation, a probation attorney can help.  It can be burdensome to comply with all of the requirements of probation. As a result, a single mistake or even a wrongful accusation of a violation could have serious consequences. The Aranda Law Firm helps people throughout El Paso on probation facing probation violation charges.

Your Rights After an Alleged Probation Violation

If someone has accused you of violating any terms of your probation, you have due process rights. Luckily,  there has to be undeniable proof that the violation took place. You have the right to confront and cross examine your accusers. In addition, you can present your own evidence about whether or not there is sufficient proof of a violation. We can assist you in trying to disprove or cast doubt on whether the alleged probation violation actually happened.

Fighting to Avoid Penalties

In the event that you found guilty of a probation violation, you still need a probation violation attorney.  The possible consequences of a violation can vary. Sometimes, you are let off with a Police officer handcuffing and arresting a man guilty of a probation violation who will probably need a probation violation attorneywarning. However, other times new conditions of probation can be added. For example, your probation term can be extended, or you you can be jailed for your probation violation.  Aranda Law Firm will argue for leniency so you do not have to face serious consequences for allegedly violating the terms of your probation.

Getting Help from a Probation Violation Attorney

Aranda Law Firm has a lot of experience assisting people in and around El Paso. As a result, we know how high the stakes are when dealing with probation violations. You don’t want to face imprisonment or a more burdensome and lengthy probation period. We will do everything that we can to help you to deal with the accusations of your probation violation. Contact us today to talk with a probation violation attorney to find out more about how we can help.