A Probation Violation Attorney Can Make or Break a Trial

a probation violation attorney shaking hands with a clientUnfortunate as it may be, get-out-of-jail-free cards don’t exist in real life. Most people who are charged with a criminal act or are released from jail after serving time for punishment are required to complete a probationary period. When probation is violated, it could mean going back to jail. Here are a few details about probation from an experienced probation violation attorney.

What is Probation?

Put simply, probation is a set of rules that are applied to an individual as a punishment for committing a crime. These conditions often serve as a substitute for a more severe punishment, such as jail time. People who are released from prison early are often expected to serve a probationary period before finishing their punishment completely. Thus, while probation is a restrictive period, it is often a better scenario than the alternative.

Probation Protocol

While every state has a different protocol for probations, it typically requires that individuals meet regularly with a probation officer, and it may require certain actions such as attending drug or alcohol abuse counseling, wearing a monitor bracelet, or avoiding certain areas. Each probation sentence is unique to the individual. It is incredibly important that probation sentences are followed to a T.

Violating Probation

It is a crime to violate probation, and the most common violations occur when probation rules are not followed. If someone violates probation for the first time, he or she will likely receive a warning from a probation officer. If probation violations continue, however, he or she may suffer any or all of the following consequences:

  • Additional time requirements to the original probation
  • Required jail time before resuming probation
  • An order to pay fines and restitution
  • A total cancel of probation resulting in excess jail time

Consult With a Probation Violation Attorney

If you have been accused of violating your probation and have been ordered to attend a probation violation hearing, it is crucial that you consult with a probation violation attorney. While on probation, individual credibility is limited. Having a credible and experienced probation violation attorney to speak on your behalf can make or break your case. If you have more questions about probation or how a probation violation attorney can assist you, don’t hesitate to contact Aranda Law Firm today!