What Qualifies as a Personal Injury Claim?

an older man signing a document that his personal injury attorney is holdingIf you have been an accident, and suffered injury from the accident, chances are you have a personal injury claim. A personal injury is defined as any physical or mental damage suffered by one person, due to the actions, or inaction of another person. A personal injury lawyer is someone who is qualified to represent your claim before court. Aranda Law Firm has many experienced personal injury lawyers ready to fight for you. Many things can count as personal injury, but the type most file for involve accidents. Before you look into hiring a personal injury lawyer, you should know a bit about it. It also helps to know what types of injuries there are, and the claims that can be made.

Types of Personal Injury

There are several types of personal injuries that need a personal injury lawyer. These types of injuries can happen during a car accident, or at a work site. The common thread for a personal injury case is for you to be the hurt party. Someone else, whether alone or through a business must be responsible for your injury. In other words, you cannot have any blame attached to you for a personal injury claim to stick. A few examples are if one person runs a red light and hits you. Or an employee does not check a roof tile and it falls on you. These types of injuries happened through no fault of your own. This gives you cause for a personal injury claim.

Types of Claims Made by Personal Injury Lawyer

Depending on where the injury happened, you will need to make a specific type of claim. The first is a formal lawsuit. These types of cases are made by the individual filing a case through their attorney. It is specific to the injury caused, and the demands being made. These types of cases can be filed against a single person, a business, a corporation, or a government agency. These cases will usually go to civil court and be tried as personal cases. If you make such a claim, the burden of proof will fall to you. In other words, this type of claim should not be made unless you have a good deal of proof on hand. The second type of claim is an informal settlement. These are more common and require less paperwork. This claim is an agreement between the two parties for a certain amount of money.

Aranda Law Firm is Ready to Help

If you have suffered an injury and are not responsible for it, then you likely have a personal injury claim. Aranda Law Firm has qualified personal injury lawyers ready to fight for you. Hiring a lawyer to help you get the money you deserve is a wise move. First they can help you iron out your claim. Then a personal injury lawyer can help you make that claim properly. All this will help you get the money you need.