A Quick Overview of Federal Drug Charges

unbalanced golden brass scales of justice by drugsAt both the state and federal levels, it is a crime to possess, distribute or traffic illegal substances. However, drug charges largely depend on location, intent, and amounts. Federal drug charges are often more serious than state charges. The Aranda Law Firm is an experienced law firm in El Paso handling these types of cases. Here are a few examples of federal drug charges and what constitutes each of them.  

Federal Drug Charges: Drug Trafficking

This occurs when a person is manufacturing, distributing or possessing illegal drugs with the intent to distribute. Typically, the quantity of illegal drugs is what factors into the charges brought against the accused. A large quantity implies intent to distribute, making trafficking a federal offense. This is opposed to the less serious state crime of simply possessing illegal drugs.

Federal Drug Charges: Drug Manufacturing

The manufacturing of drugs has to do with the production of drugs. A person caught running an operation involving a large amount of illegal drugs, asbook with "drug law" and golden justice scales on the cover alongside a gavel on a wooden surface well as distributing or possessing paraphernalia can be charged with federal charges for manufacturing. Typically, manufacturing is added in conjunction with distributing or trafficking charges. You can also be charged with intent to distribute. 

Federal Drug Charges: Drug Conspiracy

Out of the many federal drug charges, this charge is a bit more abstract than the two above. Drug conspiracy has to do with the facilitation or promotion of the manufacturing or distributing of illegal drugs. In this case, the government must be able to prove that the charged person was aware of the conspiracy.

Since El Paso is a border city, illegal drug trafficking, manufacturing and conspiracy are hot topics. Make sure to seek proper counsel when you or someone that you know is accused of any of the crimes mentioned above. We’d be happy to answer any of your federal drug charges here at Aranda Law Firm. Contact us today