Rear End Accidents and How an Attorney Can Help

a car accident wherein the drivers should call a car accident lawyerMost often if you have rear-ended another driver the evidence will show that you were at fault. The situation can get costly when it comes to taking responsibility for damages and then receiving a court date and possibility of charges. However, a car accident attorney can provide representation in court and help with insurance claims if you believe you have been wrongfully accused.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help

While most rear-end accidents are the fault of the rear vehicle, there are times when the car that has been hit is at fault. A car accident attorney can possibly prove that negligence or unsafe driving took place and caused the accident. Negligence means that the actions of the driver fell short of what a reasonable driver would have done in the same instance as the accident. In order for a lawyer to prove negligence, there has to be proof that a duty existed. However, every driver on the road is required to keep certain standards as they drive.

Some unsafe actions that could cause a rear accident include texting, abrupt stops, intoxication, a sudden reverse, attempting to turn and then deciding not to, not fixing malfunctioning brake lights, not yielding to the right of way, or not using a blinker. These are just a few examples of negligent driving. A car accident attorney is very familiar with the laws governing the roads and will be able to conduct the research and prove your case. Attempting to handle these things on your own can lead to an unfavorable outcome.

Who’s At Fault?

If you have been wrongly accused of being at fault for a rear end car accident the situation can be extremely frustrating. More often than not, police arriving at the scene and the insurance company will right away point towards you as the negligent driver. You may feel at a loss even trying to fight your own case. If the other driver did not admit to any form of unsafe driving the situation can get worse. However, Aranda Law Firm can help with even the darkest situations.

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Driving can be downright scary at times, even if you haven’t gotten in any accidents! Our car accident attorney can help with more than just rear-end incidents. If you have been involved in any kind of car accident and need representation contact us today. The Aranda Law Firm will give you the help you need.