A Slip and Fall Attorney Explains Premises Liability Laws

yellow caution sign warning of a slippery surface next to a swimming pool pAs a property owner, you can be help liable for a slip and fall accident. As a result, it is important to understand how the laws work to make property owners responsible. The branch of law known as premises liability law determines if a property owner is held accountable for an accident. A slip and fall attorney at Aranda Law Firm provides legal support and representation to victims in the El Paso area. We’ll assist you in understanding how premises liability law applies and if you can make a claim for your accident.

How Does Premises Liability Law Apply to a Slip and Fall Accidents?

Premises liability law establishes a property owner’s legal responsibilities. To clarify, a property owner has different responsibilities depending upon why visitors come onto their property. For example, trespassers or uninvited guests get the least protection under premises liability law. Dangerous but enticing conditions, such as a swimming pool, are called an “attractive nuisance”. As a result, property owners may still have to extend some protection to trespassers. Invited guests who come onto a property for the economic benefit of the property owner (like customers to a store or lease tenant) get the most protection under premises liability law. Casual visitors get intermediate protection. Aranda Law Firm can help victims hurt by falls in El Paso to understand how these laws apply.

Making a Slip and Fall Claimgirl who fell on the ground wincing with a nosebleed who may need a slip and fall attorney

A slip and fall attorney will help you make the strongest case we can in the event of an injury caused by a property owner’s negligence. However, you need to prove that a property owner had an obligation to you, but failed to fulfill it and caused your accident. You have to prove these things to make a successful slip and fall claim. Otherwise, a property owner can argue that your accident was a result of your carelessness, which will invalidate your claim.

Finding a Slip and Fall Attorney

Aranda Law Firm offers assistance to slip and fall victims in the El Paso area. Suffering from injuries that are not your fault is stressful and unnecessary. You may be eligible for financial compensation. If you need a slip and fall attorney, we can help. Contact us today to find out more.