What are the Requirements for Adoption in Texas?

A young family of four reading stories before bedtime.Like any other legal process, adoption in El Paso contains many legalities. Whether you are just pondering over the thought of adoption or are ready to welcome the new member in your life, there are many things that you need to be aware and sure of before officially opting for adoption. 

Much like there is more than one kind of adoption, in the same way, each adoption process has several requirements that the person has to fulfill to be eligible for adoption. Here is a detailed analysis of each adoption process and the requirements you must fulfill in Texas. 

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Domestic Infant Adoption

To adopt a baby in your home, the first thing is to meet the requirements set by the State as in Texas, “any adult can adopt a child” making sure that correct methods of parental rights termination have been followed rightly for the infant’s biological parents. However, you will still have to hire a professional attorney to know more in-depth about the State and have laid requirements which will be in addition to the existing regulations of the State. 

Foster Care Adoption

Foster adoption requirements in Texas are similar to the requirements being followed in other States, which are: 

  • Completing an application form
  • A responsible, mature, financially stable, and over 21 years old adult can adopt. 
  • Provide references of relatives and non-relatives
  • Information regarding lifestyle and background
  • You can be single, married, divorced, or widowed. Will need to present document of proof if married or divorced. 
  • A home study, in addition, to visit with all the house members and inspect every part of the house, building, and ground. 
  • A criminal background and drug history check on all members of the family living in the house. 
  • Attending a training program to understand issues of neglected and abused children. 

These were the basic requirements, which, if you fulfill, you will have to meet more requirements in your home study, such as: 

  • Enough sleeping space
  • Not more than 6 children in the same house
  • Agreement on a non-physical disciplinary policy
  • Carrying out safety, fire, and health inspections of your home
  • Vaccination of all pets in the house and their records
  • Acquiring and maintaining a first aid certification
  • Proof of TB testing
  • 20 hours or more of attendance at the training every year

International Adoption

Adopting internationally can have even more requirements as you must meet the criteria of your own country, the professional you hire, and the legal requirements of the adoptive parents living in a different country. 

Once you meet the requirements of the professional for international adoption, you will send the documents to the other country’s department for adoption, which they will review and approve. Once your documents are approved, you can move further toward adoption.

Basic requirements for international adoption include the following:

  • You should be an adult
  • You can adopt jointly being married
  • You can adopt as a single person
  • Complete a mandatory application form by your country’s department of State

Agency Adoption Requirements

Every agency has its own set of regulations and requirements for the adoptive parents; however, the most similar requirements for each agency are: 

  • Age
  • Better health of the adoptive parents
  • Proof of financial stability
  • Marital status and proof of it (if married)
  • Completion of home study (interviews, home visits, history checks)

Adoption in El Paso

Requirements for adoption in Texas may not seem complex. They resemble the requirements and regulations laid by most states in the country. However, hiring a professional law attorney will help make the process easier and quicker for you. If you are considering hiring a professional and efficient law attorney for adoption in Texas, you can quickly get in touch with us at the Aranda Law Firm. We specialize in family laws and related issues. You can contact us for any further queries.