Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney to Help You


When you need a criminal defense attorney in El Paso, the Aranda Law Firm is here and ready to help. When facing criminal charges, you should contact our attorneys right away- don’t wait. You will have to make choices immediately on how to plead and our attorneys can provide advice before you decide if you should try to fight the charges.


Entering a Plea

After an arrest, you must be arraigned. This involves informing you of the charges being brought against you. You are going to be asked how you wish to plead. A criminal defense attorney can help you to explore the plea options available to you. Some defendants will plead not guilty and take a case to trial. In other cases, it makes sense for defendants to plead guilty in exchange for a deal with a prosecutor in which their charges and/or their penalties are reduced. The right plea option depends upon many factors, and you should talk with a criminal defense lawyer to find out what course of action is likely best for you.


Arguing for Bail

When you are arraigned and informed of charges against you, a bail hearing also takes place. You need to make a compelling argument for bail so you are not required to stay in jail in El Paso until the conclusion of your case. A criminal defense lawyer can help you to demonstrate strong ties to the community that show you are not a flight risk, so you can get a reasonable bail set.


Fighting for You Throughout Your Case

A criminal defense lawyer fights for you well beyond your initial hearing. An attorney with experience can argue your case in court to try to avoid conviction and can help to negotiate plea agreements with prosecutors.

To learn more, contact the Aranda Law Firm today to speak with a criminal defense attorney in El Paso.