How a Wrongful Death Attorney Helps Families

A coffin with a flower arrangement in a morgue A wrongful death attorney provides assistance to families who could face terrible financial loss because their loved one has died. The unexpected death of someone you love due to an accident is always tragic and upsetting. It can be even worse when negligence causes a preventable death. For surviving family members,  financial worry often adds to the grieving process. Often,  family members may be left wondering how to pay bills without the income the deceased had been providing. For families in El Paso worried about money after negligence causes the death of a loved one, Aranda Law Firm can help.

Providing Protection for Families

Wrongful death laws provide important protection for families. The law recognizes that an untimely death could leave dependents in a difficult position. Whether the family provider or caretaker dies, a family will suffer the loss. A stay-at-home mom, for example, may not have money coming in but provides an invaluable service for a family. As a result, her death could mean the need for expensive daycare and other emotional support for kids. Wrongful death damages make sure that those responsible for causing the death pay for loss of wages and loss of services.

Other Wrongful Death LossesScales of justice, law books and gavel over dark background

There are also other wrongful death losses as well. For example, families may incur funeral costs to bury a loved one killed in an accident. If the deceased did not die immediately in the accident, medical bills could also linger after death. This means they have to be paid out of the deceased’s estate. These bills should be covered by those who caused the death, and a wrongful death attorney can help make that happen.

Getting Help from a Wrongful Death Attorney

Aranda Law Firm helps El Paso families after a wrongful death occurs. If someone you love died due to negligence, we are here for you. Speak with a wrongful death attorney to find out more about the advocacy and representation. Contact us today to find the compassionate and skilled legal team that can help you.