A Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Cruces NM who can Handle your Claim


If you believe any person, company, or government agency did something that caused you to be hurt or that injured or killed your loved one, you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Las Cruces NM.

Personal injury lawyers help clients to pursue a claim for compensation if they are harmed because of negligence; because of a breach of a legal duty or obligation; or because of intentional wrongdoing.  The law allows victims of a personal injury to be “made whole,” so they are fully compensated for both financial loss and for non-economic damages. This means compensations should be available for emotional distress; for pain and suffering; for medical expenses; for ongoing medical care; for days missed from work; or from any losses in future wages if your injuries are permanent and affect work abilities.

After an injury, an insurance company is almost always is involved. If you were harmed by a doctor, this may be a malpractice insurer. If you were hurt in a car crash, this will be an auto insurer. If you were hurt by a dangerous dog or on someone’s property, this will be a homeowner’s insurer, renter’s insurer, or other property insurer.  You should let your personal injury lawyer in Las Cruces NM deal with the insurer on your behalf. Insurance companies often try to pressure you to settle for less money than you would normally be owed. Your personal injury lawyer in Las Cruces NM can fight to help ensure this does not happen.

The Aranda Law Firm handles all types of injury claims and we can help you fight for full and fair compensation any time someone hurt you or killed someone you love.  Call today to talk to a personal injury lawyer in Las Cruces NM who is here to help you. 2507 N. Stanton. El Paso, TX 79902 | 915-996-9914