Motorcycle Accident Las Cruces New Mexico

motorcycleMotorcycle accidents in Las Cruces, just like anywhere else in the country can be dangerous. These two-wheeled vehicles are much smaller than cars and really don’t have any safety features. Because of this you have to careful when you are road, whether you are in control one of them or driving a passenger car.

However if you happen to be involved in an accident with a motorcycle due to negligence, the circumstances and laws are different than that of a regular automobile accident. Also these types of laws vary by state.

Here in the United States there are five different types of motorcycle fault laws. They are: no fault, pure contributory fault, pure comparative fault, modified comparative fault – 50 percent rule and modified comparative fault – 51 percent rule.

Here in New Mexico, the state operates under the pure comparative fault. What that means is ‘that in the event of an accident, the amount of compensation a party may receive for medical and material damages is dependent on their percentage of fault in the accident,’ according to

So if someone is responsible for 30 percent of the accident, they may only be entitled to 70 percent of the damages he/she incurred. However you should remember that determining this type of information may vary depending on circumstances and any other variables involving the accident.

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