We Fight For Your Rights: Car Accident Lawyer in Las Cruces NM

car accident las cruces

When you have sustained catastrophic injuries in a motor vehicle collision, it is imperative that you contact a car accident lawyer in Las Cruces NM. Catastrophic injuries are severe, which means that they are expensive to treat. You may require comprehensive medical care, such as reconstructive surgery or rehabilitation.  These injuries are sometimes untreatable and may leave you permanently impaired and unable to work for the rest of your life. In some cases, catastrophic injuries may make it impossible for you to communicate or care for yourself and your family members will be left without your companionship.

Aranda Law Firm has experience representing clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries.  When you contact Aranda Law Firm, you can speak with a car accident lawyer in Las Cruces NM who has helped clients to recover compensation for spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injury, severe burns, and other debilitating injuries.  The more serious your injuries, the larger the damages after a collision and the more important it is for you to fight for full and fair compensation.  Not every car accident lawyer in Las Cruces NM can go the distance in fighting for clients with catastrophic injuries, but the Aranda Law Firm has the negotiation and litigation experience needed to help you make a very strong case for proper compensation.

Victims of collisions should be paid for medical bills, including future medical treatments that they need after their case settles or after the jury decides on their damage award. Victims should also be paid for any time from work they miss, and for a reduction in working abilities that lowers their wages or makes earning income impossible. A car accident lawyer in Las Cruces NM can help you to fight for these damages, as well as for compensation for your physical and emotional trauma. Call Aranda Law Firm today to learn more. 2507 N. Stanton. El Paso, TX 79902. Phone: 915-996-9914