Driving While Intoxicated-Q&A

Common Questions For A DWI Attorney In El Paso

Here are some common questions and answers that a DWI attorney in El Paso can provide valuable information for. There are some common misconceptions surrounding the events of being arrested on DWI charges. Hopefully these common questions can shed light on the situation.

Can police officers pull over anyone they suspect is drinking and driving?

Police officers do not just pull people over without having a “probable cause”.  An officer seeing a person leave a bar is not enough to have a person pulled over, there needs to be more substantial reason for the traffic stop, some sort of violation. Perhaps the driver is swerving, tailgating other drivers, or braking erratically.

Can I talk my way out of a DWI?

The short answer is “No!” Most often, when dealing with law enforcement agents, the less you say, the better, unless you are sure you can make them laugh, but in the case of a DWI, there is nothing to laugh about. It is a serious offense that causes countless deaths every year that could have all been prevented by drinking responsibly. When being pulled over, be polite and answer the questions that are required. You can inform them that you would like your DWI attorney in El Paso present for any further investigation.dwi el paso

Does failing a sobriety test mean that I will be arrested immediately?

This is not always the case. By failing a sobriety test, you may have a difficult time in court, however it is not always the perfect evidence of intoxication. Sometimes sobriety tests are faulty and inaccurate in their readings. The person may be experiencing serious injury or illness that has mimicked a similar result in the test showing false intoxication.

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