What a Personal Injury Attorney Can Do For You

person with an arm sling after a personal injury

If you were out at a club and faulty wiring caused you to trip, you have the legal option of contacting a personal injury attorney in Las Cruces, NM.  The Aranda Law Firm has helped many clients to take legal action and pursue a case for compensation against the owner of a premises where a slip and fall occurred. While not every case is the same, knowing what your legal resources in cases like slip and fall accidents, car accidents, and other mishaps caused by negligence of another is always good information to have.

What can a Personal Injury Attorney Help You With?

A victim who suffers injury because of faulty wiring or because of other unsafe conditions at a club is going to need to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the club was responsible. This means that you are responsible for showing that it was caused by negligence. A personal injury attorney can help you to interview witnesses, obtain maintenance records from the club, conduct an investigation, and otherwise gather the necessary evidence to put together a strong case.  When you are injured at a bar or at a club, you may face challenges pursuing a claim for compensation. The club may try to claim that you were drunk at the time of the fall and that you tripped as a result of your intoxication. If you were not intoxicated, this excuse is not going to be a viable one for the club. However, you may need to overcome their defense and show your fall was caused by faulty wiring at the club and not by anything that you did.

The Aranda Law Firm can Help You Understand Monetary Settlements & Compensationspersonal-injury-lawyer, Las-Cruces-NM

A personal injury attorney will also help you to understand exactly what you need to prove in order to recover compensation. A club or a bar is going to be covered by premises liability laws, and premises liability laws will establish the duty of care that the establishment owed to you.  However, do know that while their insurance company will be happy to pay out a settlement, it is usually not geared in your favor. A good personal injury lawyer can help you look over the settlement and deem it fair or unfair. If it is unfair, you may have a case that can result in a fair monetary reward.
Aranda Law Firm is here and ready to help you to make your case. Contact us today to speak with a personal injury attorney in Las Cruces, NM, who can help after a fall or other accident.