Common Reasons Why People Have Violated Probation

A concerned suspect wearing a blue long sleeve shirt is told the consequences of his actions by a detective

If you ask anyone here at the Aranda Law Firm, they’ll probably tell you that violating your probation is a terrible decision. Probation is a sign of trust, and violating that trust can lead to financial and disciplinary consequences. Sometimes, violating probation is a complete accident, but other times, it’s a bad choice. A terrible, terrible choice. Check out some of the most common reasons why people have violated their probation.

Failed Drug Test

When convicted of a drug or alcohol-related offense, it’s not uncommon to have a substance abuse-related condition in your probation conditions. If your probation is contingent on you staying clean, it’s best to just use that opportunity to quit cold turkey. Otherwise, you could see your probation revoked and a fine and more jail time in its place. 

Missed court or probation fees

When you have to appear in court or have to report to a probation officer, there are a number of fees that are associated with them. For clients with less financial capital, it can be difficult to come up with the money for these fees. Failing to pay these fees can result in a technical probation violation, along with missing a probation appointment or failing to adhere to a curfew. Usually, the punishment for these violations is not severe, but it will always depend on the violation and your individual circumstances. 

Committing A New Crime

One of the worst possible ways to violate their probation is to commit a new crime, especially if it is a felony. Probation violation consequences are not black and white; discretion on the part of the judge is crucial, but committing a new crime is a good way to end up on the severe end of the spectrum. If you find yourself in this situation, you will definitely need the best legal counsel available. Contact Aranda Law Firm today to get the best representation El Paso has to offer!