Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney will Always be the Safe Option

criminal in handcuffsWhen it comes to the legal system, it can be tricky to know when a criminal defense attorney will come in handy. There are usually two camps- those in the “oh it’s not that bad it’ll be fine without a lawyer” camp and those in the “oh my God, you need a lawyer right away because you got a parking ticket” camp. Granted, most people live in the middle of these two groups, but the question remains: when do you actually need a criminal defense attorney? In the end, it depends on what you are being charged with and how badly you want to have a successful outcome.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

To begin with, if you are being charged with a solid misdemeanor or felony, don’t hesitate. Always make sure you know where to find a reliable criminal defense attorney in these situations. But what falls into these law breaking categories? Let us give you some examples.


  • Petty theft
  • Public intoxication
  • Simple assault
  • Vandalism
  • Reckless driving
  • Possession of marijuana
  • First-time possession of certain other drugs


  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Aggravated assault and/or battery
  • Arson
  • Robbery/Burglary
  • Various forms of fraud
  • Intent to distribute of certain types and/or quantities of illegal drugs
  • Possession of certain types of illegal drugs
  • Grand larceny or grand theft

If you find yourself being accused or charged with any of the above (or some that aren’t listed), getting a lawyer from the moment you know you are in the law’s crosshairs will better arm you for a good defense. Don’t hesitate to ask for a lawyer so you can protect yourself during the duration of the investigation, trial, etc.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Helps Your Case

Obviously, your attorney is there to help you get the best outcome possible. They work hard to put together the best defense so you can count on the best results. However, they also know when to realize that the best defense may not be good enough. A good criminal defense lawyer will know when to help you get a deal, or plea bargain. These can also be the best way your attorney can work for you. If it looks like the best defense possible won’t get you out of trouble, they can begin working on a way to have your punishment reduced.

Talking About Your Situation

While a criminal defense lawyer isn’t a shrink, they are the best people to talk about your circumstances. Sometimes family and friends try to sugarcoat or ignore your legal troubles thinking it makes you feel better. And perhaps for a minute, it might. However, you can always count on your lawyer to tell it like it is. Your attorney will always be honest with you to help you better deal with your situation, and in order to build you a better defense.

Trust Our Criminal Defense Attorney in El Paso

In El Paso, the Aranda Law Firm has the experience you need to make sure you are taken care of. When it comes to misdemeanors and felonies, we know our stuff. You can trust you will get the legal representation you need for your best outcome. Contact us for a consultation today.