When The Dog Bites: How An Attorney Can Help

a german shephard biting a man's armIt’s no secret that dogs are man’s best friend. They’re fiercely loyal, incredibly friendly, and simply fun to be around! Sure, there are some who don’t consider themselves “dog people” but it’s a universal truth that most human beings love the company of dogs. This line of thinking, however, often skewes the popular perception around dogs. Dogs are wild animals, no matter how domesticated they may appear. A dog can bite anyone, friend or foe, at the flip of a switch. Many dog owners often say things like “he’s never acted like that before!” but the damage has been done. If you or a loved one have suffered from a dog bite, it’s necessary to seek legal assistance. The Aranda Law Firm, in El Paso, can provide the guidance you require in order to recover in peace.

Children and Dog Bites: Understanding the Pack Dynamic

As fluffy and adorable as dogs can be, they still have sharp teeth hidden within their snouts. All too often, children and toddlers are victims of dog bites because parents may lower their guard when the child is around a dog. Even dogs that have never shown any aggressive tendencies can end up biting children. Since children are smaller, dog bites often target the child’s face which can lead to painful recovery and, in some instances, death. Even if a dog acts calm around adults, it can perceive children as threats and attack. This is due to the natural mentality of dogs. As pack animals, dogs may consider themselves to be superior to children (who may be smaller than them). As such, the dog can attack and bite the child if the child gets too close to the dog or does something the dog dislikes. If the child pulls the dogs tail or ears, for example, the dog may retaliate violently.

What Happens When a Dog Bites an Adult

Even if dogs don’t see themselves as superior to adult humans, they can still attack. If a human is standing, the dog may bite the human’s leg. This can lead to heavy bleeding and a lot of pain. As such, the road to recovery may be more difficult than you might expect. This is where dog bite attorneys come into play. The dog’s owner must be held responsible for the injuries sustained. With the help of a lawyer, your case will proceed on its required path. Give the Aranda Law Firm a call today to learn more about what we can do to help.