How to Appeal for an Expunction of Records

Expunction of records refers to the process wherein a person, under certain circumstances, can petition the court to have their arrest record, charged crime or even certain convictions erased.    When your records are expunged, there is no history of the alleged criminal acts which you were accused of committing. Your record is clear of any […]

When to Call a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

You should call a drunk driving accident attorney as soon as you have been involved in a collision while driving under the influence.  A defendant who has been accused of causing a DWI accident can face very substantial charges, which could result in a long jail sentence and multiple fines. You need to do everything […]

Why are Federal Drug Charges are Different?

Federal drug charges can be different from state level drug charges for many different reasons. One of the biggest things that a defendant who has been charged with a drug crime needs to be aware of is that a federal charge can usually result in a much longer prison sentence. Further, if you are convicted, […]

Tips for Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or your family member has been arrested on suspicion of criminal activity, you need to find a criminal defense attorney. You are going to need an advocate to defend you or your loved one so you can make bail and start on your defense right away. You can try to avoid a conviction […]

Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

Hiring a car accident attorney after a collision in Las Cruces or surrounding areas can be essential to protecting your rights. Aranda Law Firm will fight for you to get compensation after a crash.  When you consider some of the key reasons to hire a car accident lawyer, you will realize how important it is […]

5 Most Common Accidents a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Deals With

When you are involved in an accident with a vehicle while walking in Las Cruces, you need to consult with a pedestrian accident attorney right away. Your attorney can assist you in determining who was at fault for the pedestrian accident. This means you can make a claim for payment for injuries, losses and other […]

Tips for Finding a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or your family member has been arrested, you need to find a criminal defense lawyer you can depend on. You are going to need an advocate to defend you or your loved one so you can try to get them out of jail as soon as possible. A good lawyer will also help […]

Can You Benefit from a Probation Violation Attorney?

A probation violation attorney can help you try to stay out of jail when you have been accused of violating the terms of your probation.  There is a very real chance that violating probation could lead to serious legal consequences.  You deserve to have the best defense possible to protect your freedom.  The Aranda Law […]

How Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer After Your Accident Helps You

If you are hit by a car when you are walking or riding your bicycle, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer to learn whether you can pursue a case against the driver of the vehicle. The Aranda Law Firm represents victims of bicycle and pedestrian crashes and provides help to those who have […]

Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

If you were hit by an 18-wheeler and you suffered serious injuries as a result of the incident, call a truck accident attorney who can represent your interests. The Aranda Law Firm is extremely familiar with these types of cases and can help you decide what is in your best interest. Injuries suffered during this […]