A Look at Slip and Fall Cases: Scenarios and Outcomes

Slip and fall accidents are a common cause of injury in the United States. While ‘slip and fall’ are often used as a generic term, it is also a legal term used to describe a particular kind of case. These cases deal with scenarios in which a person is hurt and suffers an injury due […]

How to Deal with Slip and Fall Injures in El Paso

When you go into a store, you expect to safely complete your errands. It is the responsibility of the store owner to strive to create a safe, reliable environment in which customers and employees can go about their days without worrying. But there are instances in which someone’s carelessness can lead to serious injuries. Below, […]

A Slip and Fall Attorney Explains Premises Liability Laws

As a property owner, you can be help liable for a slip and fall accident. As a result, it is important to understand how the laws work to make property owners responsible. The branch of law known as premises liability law determines if a property owner is held accountable for an accident. A slip and fall attorney […]

Slip and Fall Accidents- What You Should Know

A slip and fall attorney can provide you with assistance after you suffer an injury as a result of a fall. Premises liability laws in El Paso establish the rules for filing a lawsuit based on a fall. As long as your fall occurred outside of work, you will need to determine the defendant’s duty […]