Top 10 Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents on the Road

Two drivers that have collided not practicing safety tips

Texas highways aren’t necessarily known for being the friendliest of roads. While the state offers warm attitudes, high-quality living, and several attractions, driving in Texas can definitely be a challenge. Too many lives are lost due to car accidents and collisions. Thankfully, there are many safety tips that drivers can prevent these life-threatening situations. We’re […]

Probation Violation In Texas, New Mexico, & Arizona

Client who has violated their probation terms argues

So, you have probation, and now you’ve somehow violated it. It’s something anyone under probation tries to avoid, but sometimes, events happen, things occur. It’s not a definite punishment for anyone who does this. It varies on the circumstances and what you were charged with in the first place. It may also vary in what […]

Case Profiles: A Look at One of El Paso’s Biggest Criminal Cases

This month, El Paso remembered the horrific day that took everyone by surprise one year ago. It was one August morning when El Pasoans began hearing reports—whether through their social media channels, radio stations, or friends and family— about some very suspicious activity happening at the Walmart on the east side of town. It wouldn’t […]

Tips For Preparing For An Adoption

The word ADOPT printed on clothespin clipped cards in front of defocused glowing lights.

With the rate of orphaned children in the U.S steadily increasing, more people are considering adoption over having birth. Of course, in these situations, a different set of considerations have to be made to get the best result for you and your adopted child.  Research, Research, Research Adoption is complex—making sure you have all the […]

What Are Common Premises Liability Injuries?

Premises liability generally refers to personal injury matters involving unsafe, flawed, or substandard property conditions.  Property owners, managers, or anyone who makes property decisions, really, must continually make sure that a property is reasonably safe.  It’s not a job one should take lightly. It requires thoughtfulness, organization, planning, preparation, and rigorous attention to detail and […]

4 Shocking Wrongful Convictions

A man with dirty hands tightly gripping the bars of a jail cell.

Wrongful convictions are a very serious matter that happens a lot more often than people realize. They are oftentimes the cause of police coercion, falsified evidence, racism, and false accusations. Wrongful convictions ruin people’s lives and take away years of freedom that they rightfully deserve. While these stories are extremely fascinating, they are a very […]

The Legal and Emotional Benefits of Adoption

Being a step-parent is hard work and a big responsibility to take on, but it can also be a rewarding and joyful experience to have. If you really love being a step-parent, then you might have even considered making it all official and adopting your step-child or children. There are many benefits to adopting your […]

What You Need to Know About Federal Drug Charges

The United States justice system—despite its inherent advantages and underlying ‘innocent until proven guilty’ dictum— can be intimidating and daunting. Federal crimes are serious business and carry with them heavy penalties. Here at the Aranda Law Firm, we specialize in different areas of the law so that we can help people find the proper defense. […]

The Fascinating World of False Accusations and the Court of Public Opinion

SThere are numerous examples of famous cases that have reached the public eye and have taught us about the complexity and volatile nature of false accusations and how the media or the public eye can often distort facts and sensationalize a criminal case wherein someone’s life, reputation, or livelihood are on the line. In less […]

When The Dog Bites: How An Attorney Can Help

It’s no secret that dogs are man’s best friend. They’re fiercely loyal, incredibly friendly, and simply fun to be around! Sure, there are some who don’t consider themselves “dog people” but it’s a universal truth that most human beings love the company of dogs. This line of thinking, however, often skewes the popular perception around […]